The Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial

The Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial is a commemoration of the Virginians who have died in their service to public safety.

Forever bearing their names, the memorial’s wall of regional white granite stands in the midst of a broad pedestrian thoroughfare adjacent to Virginia’s Capitol Square. The names are dispersed across the vertical stone panels in an orchestrated, yet random pattern – an approach that allows for the integration of additional names over time.

On axis with the thoroughfare, the wall’s gently folding planes create a ripple in the natural flow. As passersby make slight adjustments in their paths, the tactile sensation of subtle redirection signals a place to pause, acknowledge, and reflect.  Underfoot, the sense of a special place is reinforced as the brick pavers change to monumentally scaled pavers of locally quarried Virginia Mist granite

Pools of water flowing over rough-cut stone provide a unique and intimate ambient sound.

The memorial's design is a collaboration of LoCh Design's Bill Church, Anne Durkin Design Studio and Gilbane Building Company.